How To Book And Buy Entertainment

Have You just been designated the entertainment chair person for
Your Municipality, Company, Fraternal Organization, Association,
Service Club, Church, Charity or other group??

Are you expected to provide the ideas and talent to insure the
success of this years Fair, Convention, Festival, Fund Raiser,
Corporate Party, Gala, Event, Concert, Social, Elite Wedding.

If you find yourself in this position, Don’t Dispair… can still

be a star at your new assignment. We will guide you
in making the right decisions to help make your affair a success,
entertainment wise.

First a word about entertainment……what is it?

Entertainment, in one form or another, will probably be the key
to the success of your function. It comes in many forms……
from National Recording Artists, Bands, DJ’ s and Comedians,
to Magicians, Instrumentalists, Singers, Speakers to Full
Orchestras and Celebrities from stage, screen, and sports
arenas, to name a few.

Sound Overwhelming?

Sure does. So how do you go about making a choice or decision?
To help you, let us list and explain the 6 items that need to be
considered and dealth with:

The Type of Event

Your Budget

Age Appeal

Choice of Artist

The Date of the Event

The Venue/Location

So that you understand what these terms mean, we will explain
each one.

Type of Event…..It is important to know what the event is……
Is it a Concert, Festival, County Fair, State Fair, Trade Show,
Corporate Event, Private Party, Fund Raiser, Elite Wedding?
Many times the type of event will dictate the type of entert-
tainment or talent that would be appropriate. I’m sure you can
see, that the type of event plays an important role in arriving at
a decision.

Your Budget…..You will need to establish a budget for your
function since, as you might imagine, the amount of money
you have available to spend will determine which artist and
what entertainment will be available to you. Unless you are
booking a DJ or a local band, entertainment talent can run
into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Age Appeal…..You need to know what target (age group)
audience you are trying to appeal to. Certain types of artists
appeal to a specific clientele.

Choice Of Artist…..There are many places and sources where
you can find lists of current acts and artists for your selection.

You should attempt to put together a short
list of artists that you might prefer for your function.

When you have narrowed the list down to 2 or 3 top choices,
It will easier to obtain prices and available dates to consider
and help you make the right decision.

The Date Of the Event….This item can be critical since it
determines the availability of the artist. It is a great idea to
have an alternate date (2nd choice) for your function when
you do your original planning.

Venue/Location….This is the last item to be considered
and is very important. Various acts and artists sometimes
have minimum requirements for where they perform. .

YOU DID IT!….You established a budget; You settled on a
date; You chose the artist and made the decision to book
the act. It is important to know that a deposit will be required to
accompany your signed contract (50% in the case of a
National Artist).

That is the basic process….you now know “How To Book and
Buy Entertainment Talent Even When You Don’t Know How”.
You may have questions on topics not covered in this report.
A complete detailed report can be obtained free of charge
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You should print it out for easy reading and filing for future use.